What reviewers are saying about Lime Kiln Legacies:

“What a monumental work! . . . ”

“What a monumental work! I am so overwhelmed with Lime Kiln Legacies. To think that a seemingly inanimate rock can be responsible for so much history! It is not just local history but so much more—the history of technology, geology, transportation history, labor history, economic history, and cultural history.” óJudith Steen, Editor of A Sidewalk Companion to Santa Cruz Architecture

...tremendous amount of archival research...

“It is a very comprehensive volume with a tremendous amount of archival research. Further, it is well illustrated with many photographs and drawings. This is an excellent example of what a dedicated team of researchers can accomplish by working together. I think that your book will be well received by scholars of American industry.” —Charles D. Hockensmith, Staff Archaeologist, Kentucky Heritage Council

...thrives on detail...

“Before it was supplanted by Portland cement, builders relied on lime to make mortar for brick buildings. Lime Kiln Legacies, like the best of local histories, thrives on detail and minutiae. The diagrams and photos here allow even the novice to understand the difference between pot kilns and continuous kilns.” —Michael S. Gant, Metro Santa Cruz

“...well researched, very comprehensive...”

Lime Kiln Legacies is a well researched, very comprehensive look on the history of the lime industry.” —Jay McCauley, Samuel Knight Chapter, Society for Industrial Archaeology

“...a terrific history book...”

Lime Kiln Legacies: The History of the Lime Industry in Santa Cruz County is a terrific history book that will interest a broad swath of local readers for a variety of reasons.” —Book Briefs, Santa Cruz Sentinel