Lime Kiln Legacies: The History of the Lime Industry in Santa Cruz County, California.
  • Authors: Frank A. Perry, Robert W. Piwarzyk, Michael D. Luther, Alverda Orlando, Allan Molho, and Sierra L. Perry.
  • Description:Softcover, 8 1/2 by 11 inches, approximately 253 pages, over 170 illustrations.
  • Includes glossary, bibliography, and index.
  • Publisher: The Museum of Art and History at the McPherson Center, Santa Cruz, CA
  • Price: $24.95
  • ISBN: 978-0-940283-16-9

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Index & Contents

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Foreword—Kenneth Jensen

1. Introduction—Frank A. Perry, Robert W. Piwarzyk, Michael D. Luther, Alverda Orlando, Allan Molho, and Sierra L. Perry
Sidebar: Uses of Lime

2. Lime and Geology—Frank A. Perry
The origin and distribution of the rock used to make lime and the history of the terms limestone, marble, and limerock.
Sidebar: The Pacific Limestone Products Company

3. In Search of Spanish Lime Kilns—Frank A. Perry
The use of lime at Mission Santa Cruz and the Villa de Branciforte and the possible locations of kilns used by the Spanish.

4. Tales Told by Kilns—Frank A. Perry and Robert W. Piwarzyk
An analysis of kiln designs with descriptions of the various types of walls, doorways, linings, buttresses, etc.

5. Steps in Making Lime—Frank A. Perry and Robert W. Piwarzyk
A step by step account of how lime was made, from quarrying rock to loading lime in barrels.
Sidebar: Forests Fuel an Industry
Sidebar: Making Mortar and Plaster

6. Lime Companies—Frank A. Perry and Robert W. Piwarzyk, with a history of the Santa Cruz Lime Company by Alverda Orlando
A short history of each of the 25 lime companies, including the years of operation, location, facilities, and biographical sketches of the owners.
Sidebar: A Day at the Kilns
Sidebar: Lime, Cement, and Concrete
Sidebar: Lime Production by the Holmes Lime Company, 1908

7. People and Lime—Frank A. Perry and Sierra L. Perry
A discussion of lime worker duties, wages, unions, housing, accidents, and ethnicity.
Sidebar: Whitewash

8. Getting the Lime to Market—Frank A. Perry, Robert W. Piwarzyk, and Allan Molho
The history of the wagon roads, landings, ships, and railroads used to haul the lime to market.
Sidebar: Trial Trip of the Santa Cruz

9. A Year in the Life of the Lime Industry—Michael D. Luther and Frank A. Perry
Excerpts from the Santa Cruz Surf newspaper for the year 1887 detailing lime industry activities and shipping.

10. Walking Tour of a Lime Manufacturing Site
Walking tour and map of the historic kilns and buildings on the University of California, Santa Cruz, campus.

11. Lime and Place Names—Frank A. Perry and Robert W. Piwarzyk
The origin of over fifty Santa Cruz County place names with links to lime industry people, products, events, and activities.

Appendix A: Lime Industry Chronology—Frank A. Perry and Robert W. Piwarzyk

Appendix B: People in the Lime Industry, 1875

Appendix C: List of Lime Workers from Census Records—Frank A. Perry and Sierra L. Perry

Glossary—Robert W. Piwarzyk and Frank A. Perry

Bibliography—Frank A. Perry


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